RX 450

RX 450

Profiles for windows that allow the construction of frames with one, two or more hinged doors, in the open joint version or with double rebate gasket coplanar outside and overlapping inside. Fixed mirrors, vasistas, folding doors, parallel sliding are also possible.

Door profiles: they allow the construction of doors with one or two panels, which can be opened both inside and outside, with fixed or openable overhead lights and showcases

aria air permeability

uni en 12207
classe 4

acqua water permeability

uni en 12208
classe 5A

vento wind permeability

uni en 12210
classe c3


Extruded alloy profiles:
ENAW 6060 ( EN 573 – 3)
Delivery State:
T5 (EN 752 – 2)
Dimensions and thickness tolerances:
EN 755 – 9
Type of air / water tightness:
Windows: central seal (open joint)
double bar
Glass insertion:
with both rectangular and rounded snap-on glazing bead.
Useful height for glass housing:
mm.22 Possibility of inserting glass volumes or panels with thicknesses varying between mm. 4 and 40.


Fixed frame:
mm. 45 o 53 (coplanar)
Mobile frame:
mm. 45 o 53 (coplanar)
mm. 40
Internal and external perimeter escape:
mm. 5
Accessory housing:
Unified Chamber space 14 mm.
Corner joint:
with button brackets, pin or caulk.