About us Innovation is technology,
but above all human value.

We at Mida aluminum have a clear vision,
we firmly believe in the binomial VALUE / WORK
built mainly on quality and service.
Today, in order to stay competitive, companies must aim
on innovation that in our vision remains closely linked to tradition.
Crucial point is the human element, still capable of doing
the difference with his professionalism and his ability to
maintain the direct relationship with the customer.

Values More than a company,
we are a big family
Twin Systems The consortium,
with 10 years of experience,
is today a remarkable reality
on national market.

A group of leading companies in the distribution of aluminum profiles that has the aim of designing, promoting and distributing new high-performance products, in line with the building and energy saving regulations that allow the creation of all types of aluminum joinery with very high quality content and modern design.
In these years of market evolution, Twin Systems has positioned itself as a partner and training center, investing in training and quality programs.
The consortium is present in Italy with 15 distributing partners.

Aluminum A product with performance
of the highest level:
living comfort, durability
in time and energy saving.

Design flexibility, endurance, durability and dimensional stability are important qualities of aluminum profiles; in fact it is not surprising that these products constitute the natural structural components for the making of large glass surfaces, such as windows, verandas, continuous walls, skylights, partitions and large sliding windows. Aluminum profiles and glass are the perfect combination to grant a high level of natural lighting inside buildings.

Sustainability Aluminum guarantees
recyclability of 100% materials.
It is the material of the contemporary times
since it allows a significant energy saving.